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Company Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy lies a strong belief in the power of innovation, science, and sustainable practices to shape a better future. We hold ourselves to core values, including transparency, integrity, trust, and environmental consciousness, guiding our interactions with customers, employees, and investors.

Founding Story

With the rapid growth in our technological advancements, we saw the opportunity to integrate our diverse strengths into one unified force. This vision came to life as the COSA Group, an integration of three pioneering companies where each letter in 'COSA' signifies a pillar of our collective strength: 'C' for Ceres Circuit, 'O' for Ophelia Microcapsules, 'S' for the former Sphera Technology, and 'A' for Ares Adhesive Systems.

This strategic move marks a new chapter in our journey as we build on the legacy of Sphera Technology, furthering innovation, quality, and collaboration on a global scale.

Core Technology

Our group of innovative companies is founded on our latest innovation in microencapsulation technology. We have overcome many limitations in microencapsulation, enabling us to expand our reach into high-tech industries.

Microencapsulation entails encapsulating active ingredients within protective shells, granting precise control over material reactions.

One of the key advantages of our microcapsules is their reconfigurability, akin to programming substances at the micro level.

In general, there are two purposes of encapsulation:

  • Encapsulation with No Release: Protects microcapsules from external factors, preventing unwanted reactions and enhancing properties like non-stick behavior.

  • Encapsulation with Release: Facilitates sustained, precisely controlled release of active ingredients over an extended period, enhancing product stability and effectiveness.

Through precise control over material reactions and versatile encapsulation options, our microencapsulation technology offers unparalleled solutions, revolutionizing product development across various industries. 

Business Units

Ophelia Microcapsules 

Ophelia Microcapsules delivers cutting-edge technology for diverse high-tech sectors like aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. We strive to redefine advanced materials, enabling new possibilities for future products through unrivaled precision and quality in our microcapsules. 


Adhesive Systems

Ares Adhesive revolutionizes the industry with innovative, high-quality adhesives produced via our patented multi-component process, enhancing product performance and operational efficiency. Our modular systems offer superior customization, consistent quality, and cost-effective solutions for unique customer needs.



Ceres Circuits provides innovative technologyin semiconductor industry, offering solutions that enhance computing performance, reduce power consumption, and support flexible designs. Our groundbreaking technology pushes beyond existing architectural constraints, setting new standards in AI applications such as big data, machine learning & fintech.

Our offices 

We are located on 2 continents and 2 countries. 

Image by Jochem Raat

North America Office

Toronto, Canada


Munich, Germany


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Head of Finance

Munich, Germany

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