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Business units 

Ophelia Microcapsules

Ophelia microcapsules provide cutting-edge microcapsules technology for high-tech industries, including aerospace, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and automotive industries. The company's mission is to push the boundaries of advanced materials and create new possibilities for futuristic products by committing to providing the highest microcapsules precision and quality standards. Read more about our revolutionary patented Multi-component microcapsules systems. 

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Ares Adhesive Systems 

Ares Adhesive provides new innovative concepts to the adhesive industry. Based on our patented multi-component process, we produce every high-quality adhesive to improve final product performance and durability and optimize the operation of the product. We pride ourselves on the most efficient adhesive modular systems that allow high customization for customers' unique needs while ensuring consistent quality in every production batch, helping customers ensure top quality while reducing cost and risk.


Ceres Circuits

Ceres Circuits Ceres Circuits provides groundbreaking microchip technology paving the way for true game-changing AI, focusing on developing microchip solutions for higher computing performance, low power consumption, and flexible designs. Ceres microchip exceeds the current hardware architecture limits and embraces our future computing imagination for big data, machine learning, robotic process automation, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, Fintech, and digitalization.  

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